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I’ve had a number of requests to categorize my posts related to Web Mobile, JavaScript and HTML 5. So here’s the most popular posts:

Offline JavaScript

Going Offline with JavaScript Part 1 – Introduction to what it means to take JavaScript apps offline.

Going Offline with JavaScript Part 2 – Introduction to the various browser-based Interfaces and APIs that can be leveraged.

Going Offline with JavaScript Part 3 – Intermittent Offline – An in-depth look at the use cases and coding patterns that help apps survive temporary internet interruptions.

Migration from Desktop to Mobile

6 myths on migrating from web to mobile – Offers a starting place for talking about costs associated with migrating or not migrating.

Migrating from Desktop to Mobile – 6 Steps for Success – A must read if your organization is planning on migrating (and they should be!).

3 Steps for Determining if Your Website is Mobile Ready – Another must read that covers key discussion points you need to have with your team and management.

Going Mobile Part 2 – Dealing with Legacy Content – talks about some of the challenges  of migrating your existing desktop browser-based pages to mobile.

Quick Primers

The 1 Minute Primer on HTML 5 – Dive right into what HTML 5 is and what HTML5 isn’t.

7 Critical Things to Know When Building Any Mobile App – Gives you some food for thought on the top level considerations when building either a web or native mobile app.

Top 5 Resources for HTML5 Developers – These resources will save you a ton of time.

What all mobile devs should know about PhoneGap – read this if you are considering your options for staying with JavaScript development patterns or going native.

Geolocation and Web Apps

HTML5 Geolocation API – Getting the best single location. Most blog posts tell you how to use the API, this post gives you valuable insight into how to use the location data.

HTML5 Geolocation API – How accurate is it, really? – A straight shooting post on what works and what doesn’t with this very cool API.

HTML5 Geolocation API – How accurate is it, really? Part 2: Mobile Web – A follow-up on the very popular Part 1. This post gives you an in-depth look on how to be successful when using the APIs enhanced location capabilities on mobile devices.

Advanced geolocation plugin for Cordova and PhoneGap for Android – Overview of a new plugin that gives JavaScript developers nearly full access to the Android LocationManager API. This will let web developers build even more advanced geolocation applications.

Does using PhoneGap (or Cordova) improve geolocation accuracy? This post details the advantages of using PhoneGap in geolocation-based apps.

Building and Testing Mobile Web Apps

Debugging Web Apps on Android – tips and tricks to save you some time and effort.

Debugging Web Apps on Android – Part 2 – a look at using Firefox Mobile to provide on-device debugging info.

Dispelling Responsive Apps Testing Myths – A quick look at responsive design patterns and some pointers on how to effectively test them.

Auto-resizing Dojo Mobile Charts on Orientation Change – just to be clear you don’t have to be a Dojo dev to appreciate the content of this article. It touches on View state and orientation event handling and the code patterns can apply to any JavaScript library. In fact, most don’t handle these events completely right.

über easy user-agent swapping in Chrome – An easy way to simulate a variety of different devices when testing web mobile apps.

Check HTML5 Browser Height and Width using Canvas – Gives you a very handy tool for determining browser size.

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