Esri Developer Summit – Washington D.C.

This year, for the first time, Esri has added a day of fun for our fellow geo-developers that work for the Federal government or who live and work in the Washington D.C area.  Tacked onto the end of the regular Federal GIS (Geographic Information System) conference, the Esri [Geo] Developer Summit will take place on Wednesday February 12, 2014. Consider it to be a full day of geo-geek coding goodness. If you are in the D.C. area and have requirements to do anything spatial or geo-related then you should definitely attend.

If you are already planning going to be there stop by and say “hi.” I’ll be presenting these three sessions:

–       ArcGIS API for JavaScript – Advanced Topics
–       ArcGIS API for JavaScript – Building Mobile Web Apps
–       ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android – Building Applications

Last but definitely not least, if you can’t make that, our full-blown geo-developer conference is called the Esri International DevSummit and it takes place in Palm Springs, March 10 – 13. Over 1500 developers converge on this desert oasis to deep dive into all things geo.

Esri DevSummit 2013 – Worlds Largest Geo Developer Conference

I will be presenting in Palm Springs, California in a few weeks and I hope to chat with some of you there. For those of you who are interesting in Geospatial, the Esri Developer Summit is the largest gathering of geo-spatial developers that I know of. I don’t know the exact numbers, but it’s going to be over 1,500 geo-geeks. If you want to learn about the technical aspects of geo-spatial this is “the” conference.

I’m going to be talking a lot about mobile this year and how to transition from the desktop environment to mobile. Sure there are lots of experts out there building awesome mobile apps, but there are also many, may developers, organizations and companies that are just starting to get their feet wet.

I have four topics this year, so swing on by and say “hi”. Oh, and be sure to bring sun block and hot weather clothes. I hear the temperatures my reach 100F! Here are my sessions:

  • Best Practices for HTML5 Geolocation – This will be an A-to-Z overview of the HTML5 Geocation API including the good and the not-so-good. (Tue. 2:30p, Demo Theater 2 and Thur., 1:15pm Mesquite G/H)
  • Getting Started with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android – Great session if you are getting ready to start doing native geo-spatial development on Android (Mon. 1pm, Pasadena Rm.)
  • Building Mobile Applications with the ArcGIS API for Flex – Apache Flex is an incredibly easy-to-use platform where you can take one code base and compile for native iOS and Android. (Tue. 5:30pm Primrose C/D)
  • iOS and Android: Let’s have a hug – this is a fun session where @geeknixta and I get to make fun of each other as well as show off the similarities of our Runtime SDKs on iOS and Android. I’m the Android fanboy, of course. (Wed. 5:30pm, Catalina/Madera)

HTML 5 and Web Maps Seminar

@derekswingley and I are presenting several one hour Live Training Seminars on HTML5 and ArcGIS for developers on Thursday, February 23, 2012. ArcGIS is the flagship mapping and geo-spatial product line for the company I work for: Esri. Now, even if you aren’t currently using anything geo I still encourage you to listen in for an hour and hear what we have to say about HTML5 from a web app development perspective.

We’ve aimed the content at both new developers and experience developers that haven’t had a chance to play with HTML5 yet. Our goal is to help you understand what HTML5 really is and give some concrete uses cases and tips on how to effectively use it. So, sign on up, hopefully gain some new insight and ask some questions!

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