Hack4Colorado 2013 – Civic Hackathon

Do you live in Colorado and want to have fun playing with code, learn new APIs and datasets, and generally testing your coding “skillz” while under pressure and competing with other hotshot developers for prizes? If you answered “yes”, then I strongly recommend you check out the opportunities at the Hack4Colorado event which takes place on the weekend of May 31st. This event is part of a national civic hacking day where other States, Counties and Cities around the country are doing exactly the same thing.

The concept is simple. These events help promote open government data that can be used within applications that you build to solve everyday problems. So, these organizations provide you with cool data sets to choose from and you have fun building an application around it. Ideas include find the nearest rent-a-bike location, explore local hiking trails and so much more.

Full disclosure, Esri has also graciously offered to provide bountiful cash (yes, cash!) prizes. Other sponsors are offering Rokus, Kinects, and even Big Wheels (yes you also heard that right!). I even have an application in mind that I might try to build when I’m not helping other folks out.

What do you think? Hopefully I’ll see you there.

The Largest Conference For Mapping and Geospatial Developers – Esri DevSummit 2012

I’ll be presenting at the Esri DevSummit next week so if you are attending please swing by my sessions and say “hi”. If you aren’t familiar with Esri or the conference, about 1400 developers and other technical experts converge on Palm Springs, California every Spring to learn all things technical about building commercial and enterprise geographic information systems. There will be everything from introductory Dojo workshops to deep dives into the heart of our APIs.

If you’re around here’s my schedule. I’d be very interested to hear about what you are working on:

Monday,  March 26

Getting Started with the ArcGIS Web APIs – 8:30am – 11:45am, Pasadena Room. I’ll be presenting the portion related to our ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

Gettings Started with Smartphone and Tablet ArcGIS Runtime SDKs – 1:15pm – 4:45pm, Pasadena Room. In this session, I’ll be presenting on our ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android.

Wednesday, March 28

Flex the World – 10:30am, Demo Theater 2. I’ll be presenting with my esteemed colleague Sajit Thomas on Apache Flex.

HTML 5 and Web Maps Seminar

@derekswingley and I are presenting several one hour Live Training Seminars on HTML5 and ArcGIS for developers on Thursday, February 23, 2012. ArcGIS is the flagship mapping and geo-spatial product line for the company I work for: Esri. Now, even if you aren’t currently using anything geo I still encourage you to listen in for an hour and hear what we have to say about HTML5 from a web app development perspective.

We’ve aimed the content at both new developers and experience developers that haven’t had a chance to play with HTML5 yet. Our goal is to help you understand what HTML5 really is and give some concrete uses cases and tips on how to effectively use it. So, sign on up, hopefully gain some new insight and ask some questions!

Click here to find out more details.

Live From Antarctica – the final 7th Summit.

Our team just finished a massive 5 weeks push to building an app for the Romero family, and in particular Jordan, to follow him on his climb of the final summit on the continent at the bottom of the world. You can find the app on his home page today http://jordanromero.com, or access it directly here http://edn1.esri.com/antarctica.

It was actually Jordan’s dream to climb the highest summits on the major continents. And, he is now on his way to accomplish all that…and before his 16th birthday during what is considered summer in Antarctica. I’m amazed at what he has done. I can’t help but think about what he might be able to accomplish in the future now that he has accomplished a feat that very few ever do.

The app is capturing live GPS coordinates (altitude, heading, speed, lat/lon), live weather and it also includes a Challenge component that anyone can take to conquer their own 7 summits on their own time by walking, swimming, running or biking.

I encourage you to check out the app and even take the Challenge!

For the techno-geeks reading this, here is some background info on the technology. GPS processing and ArcGIS mapping backend services were built in C#.NET by AL Laframboise. The Challenge service and REST endpoints were built in C#.NET by Nick Furness. I built the the Adobe Flex/ActionScript client application using Adobe FlashBuilder 4.5, and the ArcGIS API for Flex provided the client-side mapping. The look and feel were accomplished by the excellent help of UX engineer Frank Garofalo in Esri Professional Services. The client app uses a custom dependency injection model at the core, and the skins were built using Adobe Catalyst.