Maximum WordPress Spam Prevention: Part 2

Anyone who has a public facing blog knows about being bombarded by spam. Recently I got so annoyed I started locking down blog comments after thirty days. After a month or so I realized this was counter productive. Readers could no longer participate, ask questions, etc. so I started searching for a better way to handle my anti-spam measures.

After doing a bunch of research I landed on Askimet. Note, I am not being sponsored by Askimet, I truly did this research on my own. I can say so far the results have been awesome. I’ve been able to turn all blog comments back on, and it’s very rare for a spam comment to sneak through. 99.9999% of the time when that happens it seems that Askimet has already killed the spam by the time I get around to viewing the WordPress spam queue.

Since turning Askimet on I haven’t had to personally deal with 462 spam comments. Yay! In the screenshot below, the 228 spam comments number represents a partial snapshot of the spam that I had to manually delete prior to Askimet.