Going mobile Part 3 – This blog is now mobile enabled!

The Page Not Found Blog is now mobile enabled! Please send me your feedback. After months of research and several months of fiddling around the mobile template is now live. You should only see the template if you are using a mobile device.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve taken the approach of using two different templates for a single website. One is specifically for desktop browsers and one is specifically for mobile. It’s all an experiment anyway, so whatever happens is a learning experience.

The current mobile template settings are fairly bare bones, but I did that on purpose to speed up load times. I’ll tweak the look and feel as time goes on.

There are also still a few rough edges related to my legacy content that I personally noticed. For example, some images are displayed in odd places when viewed on mobile browsers. But, so far the WordPress tags seems to be displaying just fine, which was a major concern for things such as code snippets. I’ve tested the site using an Android v4.x device and an iPad 3.


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