Firefox It’s Been Nice Knowing You

I recently dumped Firefox 7 and relegated Firefox to the occasionally used computer corner where I store all my various testing tools. After sending several emails to Mozilla, blogging about how terrible the new release is and tweeting about it…I heard not a peep, zero, zippo. Which is strange. It’s rare these days to not hear anything back from an organization, especially when you make a complaint on social media that’s backed by a blog post. I supposed I’m just one small voice in the sea of millions.

So, I’ve done what consumers do and voted with my feet. I dumped Mozilla in favor of Chrome, which has been elevated to the lofty status of what they call the “Default” browser.  I’m still getting used to Chrome and recently had some issues with accidentally closing tabs. And, it’s developer tools are a bit more rustic than Firebug or httpfox’s polished functionality. But, it does seem faster and it’s definately more stable.

So, that’s that. The browser wars continue, especially on the mobile front. By the way, I did briefly try Firefox mobile but dumped that also because the work flows were too ackward. There will be dozens of new browser updates in the next year, who knows what new excitement is in store.