Android SDK sense of humor

The Android SDK contains one of the lowest level smartphone APIs available. What I mean by that is for the vast majority of things that it does there is very little abstraction. For instance, take a look at all the classes related to LocationManager that provide control or access to even the smallest details of the phones ability to derive a location.

Okay, back to why I’m writing this. In general, there really isn’t anything to laugh about within the SDK until earlier this week. The SDK does its job and it’s quite comprehensive. So, there I was digging around in the ActivityManager class documentation and lo and behold I came across a method called isUserAMonkey(). I nearly fell of my chair laughing. The SDK documentation states:

Returns “true” if the user interface is currently being messed with by a monkey.”

Call me crazy, but every time I accessed the method it returned true.

2 thoughts on “Android SDK sense of humor”

  1. Check this out.. Might make ur day as well 😉

    public boolean isUserAGoat ()

    Added in API level 17
    Used to determine whether the user making this call is subject to teleportations.

    whether the user making this call is a goat

    Credits to other people who contributed finding usefull methods:


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