Android GPS

One of the great things about the Android SDK is the amount of control you can exert on the operating system. I love it. But, with that also comes challenges, especially when your requirements are seemingly simple but then you learn there is a ton of functionality built into a particular Class. The location Classes built into Android are no exception. So, I’ve done quite a bit of work to help demystify how GPS works on native Android.

Check out these blog posts and I’ve even provided a tool for testing out different aspects of the Android location capabilities. If you have experience with Android location I’m very interested in hearing your feedback.

GPS Testing

Android GPS Testing Tool (github)

Understanding Accuracy

Is a consumer smartphone GPS good enough?

Six Common Use Cases for Android GPS

How accurate is Android GPS? Part 1: Understanding Location Data

How accurate is Android GPS? Part 2: Consuming Real-time Locations

Advanced geolocation plugin for Cordova and PhoneGap for Android

Android GPS and Location Classes

Android developer docs – android.location package

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